Upper Back Pain Causes

Back pain can make living and working miserable for chronic sufferers. Not only is the pain difficult to deal with but it also makes completing many daily tasks virtually impossible. Upper back pain makes it difficult for a person to have a full range of motion in the entire upper body region, which makes it difficult to turn your neck and manoeuvre your upper torso.

Short of living on pain medication, pain sufferers can seek treatment from either surgery, if severe enough, or from exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles in the upper torso and the spinal column respectively. In fact, upper back pain sufferers will find there is a lot of literature and different products available to help you to find ways to address the problems associated with upper back pain. As in the case with other health issues, upper back pain comes from a number of different sources.

Continue reading to learn more about a few of the root causes of upper back pain and how you can remedy them.

Structural Problems

Structural problems include a host of conditions that relate to weaknesses in the spine and bone density. Some of the more common structural problems associated with structural problems include: osteoporosis, arthritis, scoliosis, and ruptured or herniated discs. Many of the causes come from bulging or protruding discs, which aggravate the spinal nerve. Problems related to the weakening of the bones in the vertebrae like osteoporosis or arthritis create conditions where these bones deteriorate, making it difficult for the spine to support the weight around back and stomach.

Common symptoms include:
• Pain in the arms
• Pain in the thoracic region


Because of the variety and complexity of issues that fall under structural problems, remedies are based on the severity of the issue. For the most severe problems, surgery or medication is suggested, but for less severe conditions, many of these issues can be remedied by simply doing non-strenuous exercises that strengthen and stretch the upper back. One product on the market that can be used to stretch the back out is the Bodyease Back Stretcher, which addresses core problems associated with herniated discs, degeneration, and tight knots if used twice a day.

Lumbar Stretching Device

The benefit to this product is that it can be used at home and the office without being too awkward. The product focuses on providing support for your back while improving posture issues. Users of the product seemed to be overwhelmingly pleased with the product with some saying it is really good at working out the kinks around the spine and “cracking the back” to loosen up the tension that is commonly associated with upper back pain.

Bodyease Back Stretcher


Back Strain

Upper back pain comes from a variety of problems rooted in straining the muscles in the region. Back strain results in soreness in the thoracic region of the upper back, and depending on the severity, the neck, arms, and shoulders can be affected. Back strain can occur when incorrectly lifting heavy objects, for example, not bending at the knees to pick up heavy boxes. Additionally, carrying heavy bags on our arms all day long can contribute to back strain, for example, backpacks. And also, injuries that can come from a variety of activities that happen during the day, i.e. exercise and sports injuries commonly experienced by athletes.


Back strain can be alleviated in a few ways. Applying heat to the affected area for a long time can reduce the inflammation in many cases. However, one of the best ways to reduce the pain associated with back strain is to stretch. Whether it means doing light yoga or callisthenic exercises that focus on stretching out and elongating the bones, muscles, and spine. There are also products out there that can assist those suffering from chronic back strain. The REARAND Neck and Shoulder Chiropractic Pillow can help restore and provide comfort to those suffering from pain in the neck and shoulders.

REARAND Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

The major advantage of this product is that it can be used for issues related to chronic pain and tension while healing the upper back at the same time. Users found the product to work overall with some commenting that the product really resolved neck and head issues. The only drawback to this product is that it does have a peculiar smell, which remains on clothing sometime after the product has been used.

Neck Pain Relief and Support Shoulder Chiropractic Pillow

Poor Posture

As youngsters, we were often told to sit up straight for a reason. Poor posture is one of the most common reasons people suffer from upper back pain. Every day we sit hunched over our desks as we stare at our computers, or alternatively, we slouch when we are both seated and standing. As a result, everything is affected including the way we walk and our gait. More significantly, these problems can contribute to upper back issues that occur because of overcompensation that occurs when pressure is placed on the spine’s bones, discs, ligaments, and other tissues.


There are not too many things that a person can do to correct their posture other than to be mindful of when they are slouching and sitting incorrectly. However, in the workday when there are millions of things to do, it is sometimes difficult to remember to sit up or to stand without slouching our shoulders. There are products on the market that can help us to retain good posture throughout the day, namely braces.

Flexguard Support Back Posture
One of the reasons this product works so well is because it trains the muscles and the spine to return to its natural alignment. More significantly, this product can significantly reduce pain in the neck and the shoulders. Users found this product to be one of the most supportive on the market. For those of average and larger sizes, the brace fits well and does exactly what it says it does. However, for women who are petite or are smaller, the brace does not fit as well. Overall, most were pleased with the products effectiveness and its durability.

Back Brace Corrector

Myofascial Pain

This pain is caused when the connective tissue between the muscles is hardened or knotted. This causes a tingling or burning sensation in the shoulder muscles. Those who seem to get the condition usually play sports, most often tennis. If you are an avid player, this overuse can affect the shoulders.


Like most injuries from athletic activity, a lot of the problems can be remedied or prevented through stretching exercises. Those looking to ramp up their flexibility while reducing the incidence of injury should consider stretching exercises such as yoga or Pilates, which can help individuals with keeping the muscles from bunching or becoming knotted up. Plus, the flexibility that occurs as a result of routinely doing stretching exercises can prevent other injuries.

Muscle Roller Massage Stick

One product that can be used in conjunction with stretching is the Supremus Sports Massage Stick. While the bar can be used with shoulder-related stretches, it can also be used to stretch other areas of the body. Users only have positive things to say about the product and its ability to get the knots out of muscles in a number of places in the body. This product can also be used as a part of a physical therapy routine.

Body Massager Myofascial

Trauma Or Injury

Whether it is a work-related accident or vehicle-related accident, chronic upper back pain can occur when issues that caused the problem were ignored or were never addressed. In many cases, it is possible to fracture part of your vertebrae and not even realise it. Even worse, injuries that cause bones to press on your spinal nerve can contribute to upper back pain.


The only solution to alleviating problems associated with upper back pain that comes from injury is to have the pain properly diagnosed. In the meantime, there are a variety of products that can help with upper back problems. The Innova Health and Fitness Therapeutic Inversion Table relieve many of the issues related to undiagnosed upper back injuries. The table offers users both heat and a massage with an adjustable headrest and straps.

Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table
The benefit to using this product is that it can relieve many of the problems associated with an undiagnosed condition, namely pain that occurs when trying to reach for items, turn your head to left and right, and lift your arms. Users found the product to be very effective in relieving pain and many users found the table to be sturdy and well made.

Innova ITM4800 Therapeutic Inversion Table

The Best Of The Best

Of the products mentioned above, the Bodyease Back Stretcher, the Supremus Sports Massage Stick, and the REARAND Neck and Shoulder Chiropractic Pillow were the best featured simply because they did what was advertised to the customers, the materials were durable, and the products could be used in a number of places outside the home. However, the best product of the three would be the Bodyease Back Stretcher because it was one of the products that actually assisted with stretching and strengthening the back to alleviate pain.




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Written by ArvinChester