Sciatica Stretches

If you suffer from Sciatica nerve pain in your hip, leg or buttocks, then help is here! I have created a program of specific Sciatica stretches that can really help to release your from the pain that grinds you down on a daily basis.

I’m going to teach you the stretches I used to reduce my pain by over 70%!

Scatica Stretches

Sciatica: The bane of my life

I’ve been suffering from Sciatica for over 10 years. I’m only 38 but it feeling like it has taken it’s toll on me both physically and mentally. It has been responsible for ending my football career, causing me depression and forcing me down the route of surgery that I didn’t actually need.

As you can imagine, Sciatica is my enemy and I hate it!

Causes of my Sciatica

My battle with sciatic was caused by a mixture of long hours working in the office, bad posture when seated, a broken car seat and lack of effort to fix it.

Being young, I took my back from granted and I failed to recognise that things were getting worse until it was too late. That left me with an up-hill struggle to get back to fitness.

My Sciatica Symptoms

The problem first started when I was 28. I was in the a meeting and I noticed a tingling in the back of my left leg. This progressed to a numbness in my left foot. Over the next few days, the pain gradually got worse and I started getting an electric shock from my foot, up the back of my leg when I walked.

Very quickly I realised the Sciatica was starting to hinder my every day life. I couldn’t play football anymore, I was popping pain killers like sweets and I was getting more depressed.

I had no idea what to do with myself. I had never even heard of Sciatica Stretches.

Surgery: The Wrong Option

Unfortunately, my own recovery was compounded further because of the major surgery I underwent. My GP advised me through a series of ‘nerve block’ injections in my spine. These didn’t work.

I was then told I needed an L5-S1 spinal fusion to release a trapped nerve in my lower back. This was very major surgery. That didn’t work either!

You can read my full battle with back pain and failed surgery here.

In total, the injections and the surgery set me back nearly 7 years.

How I’m beating my Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that gets worse if you don’t help yourself. If you stop moving, you will seize up. Your body will stay misaligned and the muscles will remain tight around the sciatic nerve. There is no way out other than committing yourself to finding a way to correct your body.

It is up to you to take control and fix it.

With the help of my biomechanics consultant, I sat down and compiled a program of Sciatica Stretches designed to free up my muscles around my legs, my back, hips and around my sciatic nerve.

The exercises in this program are 100% safe, created for people of all ages and can be practiced in very small spaces (i.e hotel rooms).

I have been following these stretches religiously for the past 18 months and they have helped me to reduce my sciatic nerve pain by 70%.

I now want to share this with you.

The good news is that these stretches can also help people with Piriformis Syndrome too. 🙂

Sciatica Stretches Program Essentials: Please Read.

For optimum results, you should carry out this program once in the morning and once in the evening.

You need to be dedicated. Your sciatic nerve pain will reduce quicker if you apply the effort. If you don’t then it will take longer.

If you miss a session, then find 5-10 minutes during the day to catch up.

Please do not try to exceed your limits. You are dealing with a major nerve in your body so you should stretch in a gentle way that helps your body to release tension without harming yourself.

If you feel any pain, stop immediately. If you feel slight discomfort then that should be ok. Stretching in new directions will cause some discomfort but that is part of the recovery process. These sciatica stretches are designed to help you gain your mobility.

You should also take the time to read my disclaimer here. I am not a medical practitioner. I am simply sharing what worked for me and helped me improve my back pain and my Sciatica.

Please stay tuned. My Sciatica Stretches program is arriving shortly.

To be notified when it is online, send me a quick message using my contact form.