Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain can be very debilitating. In addition to the sometimes-acute pain, those affected are prohibited from completing a range of everyday movements. Simple activities like standing up from a chair, bending down to pick up objects, and walking become almost impossible. For those who are used to being physically fit, lower back pain can make taking part in sporting activities, which make life enjoyable for so many people, virtually unbearable.

Many people self-diagnose and use painkillers and other remedies to temporarily address the problem. While the best course of action would be to seek the advice of a physician, too many people put off seeking medical advice until the pain is too great to bear. No matter what level of lower back pain you are experiencing, stretching and other calisthenics activities can help alleviate some of the common problems associated with lower back pain.
Let’s take a look at a few effective ways you can address some of the more common lower back pain problems.


The source of sciatica begins with the nerve that runs along the spinal column. More significantly, this nerve controls the use of and sensation in your legs. For this reason, when experiencing irritation in this nerve, those affected have problems in their neck, buttocks, and legs. Usually this condition is caused by another injury that affects the nerve. Herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis (degenerative disc disorder), and piriformis syndrome (involuntary contracting of piriformis muscle) are all common conditions at the root of sciatica.

Common symptoms of sciatica include:
• Pain that increases.
• Numbness or weakness in your legs, in some cases loss of feeling or movement in these extremities.
• A sensation of pins and needles or painful tingling in your toes.
• An inability to control your bladder.


iRSE Electric Lower Back Pain Relief with Air Pressure, Heat, Vibration

While applying cold and heat compresses are two remedies for sciatica, the condition can also be treated with stretching. Even though it might be strange to try to perform stretching exercises when you have limited range of motion, there are products out there that do not require any strenuous exercises. One product that specifically addresses sciatica and lower back pain is the iRSE Electric Lower Back Pain Relief.

The primary benefits of this product are that this stretcher is designed to pull vertebrae apart to create more space for the nerves. This product achieves relief by improving your posture without requiring a significant amount of motion. Another great benefit of this product is the adjustable temperature feature, which can act as a heat compress. The product also works well because it addresses the root issues related to sciatica like remedying herniated discs.

Those who tried the product found the equipment to be functional and sturdy. One reviewer found the product worked perfectly but another said that the heat function did work as well. While the product does heat up to provide some comfort, it does not provide the type of compression needed to address serious issues. With the exception of the heating function, the product seems to be effective.

iRSE Electric Lower Back Pain Relief

Herniated disc (slipped disk)

The spine is comprised of vertebrae that are held together by cushioned discs. These discs are made up of a gelatinous-type of material, which is soft with a tougher outer ring. When an injury has occurred or if there is a weakness along the spinal column, this condition can cause the disc to protrude through the outer ring, which is commonly called a slipped disk.

Associated with pain and discomfort, the common symptoms of this condition are:
• Pain and numbness alongside one part of the body.
• Pain that extends into your arms and legs.
• Pain that worsens at night, when making particular movements, when walking, sitting, or standing.
• Weakening of the muscles and tingling in the affected area.

Common causes of this condition relate to age, as the older we get the more we experience wear and tear on the cartilage. Those who are extremely overweight are also prone to herniated discs, as the discs might not be able to support additional weight. Finally, injury related to extreme physical exertion, such as lifting or pulling heavy objects, can also cause slipped discs.


SOLIDBACK Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher
At the very minimum, those affected with the problem can get away with doing exercises that strengthen and stretch the spinal column. In worst case scenarios, surgery will be required. There are some great products available, ranging from the very simple that can be easily transported to complete inversion tables, but the Solid Back Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher is one that directly addresses issues related to herniated discs. Other benefits of this product are that it addresses problems that might exacerbate herniated disc problems including sciatica nerve damage. The combined cushion, pillow, and brace can provide your spine with the support needed while giving it a good massage and stretch.

Customers reported that the product helped reduce pain after several uses with one customer saying the product was akin to going to a yoga class. Described as both firm and comfortable, many of its users report being able to participate in a wide range of activities after using it consistently. Key features that make the product popular are that it is a great way to stretch and massage the weak areas in the back.

SOLIDBACK Lower Back Pain Relief

Spinal Stenosis

Your spine provides quite a bit of support for your back, but when the spinal column narrows, it adds pressure to the spine and compresses. This compressing at a certain point affects the nerves along the spine. This compressing is what is called spinal stenosis. This condition is rooted in ageing but might also be rooted in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These two conditions add to the problem simply through the amount of inflammation that is in the area.

Common symptoms include:
• Leg or arm weakness
• Pain in your lower back as you walk or stand
• Leg and buttock’s numbness
• Problems with balancing yourself


Soft Touch Back Stretcher - Back Pain Relief - Sciatica Pain Relief - Spinal Stenosis Pain Relief - Neck Pain Relief

In addition to more conventional therapies, this condition can be remedied through heat and cold compresses or by participating in light exercise that will stretch and strengthen back muscles. Products out there that address this particular issue focus on providing the stretch for the back with the massage being a feature of the product. The Soft Touch Back Stretcher provides direct relief for those suffering from this condition by loosening the muscles in the lumbar region.

Customers reported that the stretcher does work but after being used consistently. One reviewer said the product was definitely great for providing the stretch needed to alleviate lower back pain. Another reported that the product specifically addressed issues related to her hips. However, one user did not really understand how the massage balls worked at all.

Soft Touch Back Stretcher

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is an arthritic condition affecting the spine. The condition causes the vertebrae to become inflamed. This inflammation causes pain and stiffness in your hips and knees and other body parts. The symptom associated with this condition that directly relates to affecting the lower back is stiffness. The causes of this condition are hereditary but age, ethnicity, and sex can also affect your chances of getting this condition.


Spinal Orthosis Fixation Thoracic Spine Kyphosis Correction Child Humpback Shoulder Brace

In addition to surgery and medication, exercise, posture training, acupuncture, and massage therapy are also therapies for ankylosing spondylitis. There are not too many products out there that address this particular issue, but one that is available is the Comeso Spinal Orthosis Fixation Thoracic Spine Kyphosis Correction Brace. This product focuses on straightening the spine for more back support and reduces the degree of kyphosis created by brittle bones in the spine.

Comeso Spinal Orthosis Fixation Thoracic Spine Kyphosis Correction Brace


Spondylolisthesis is a condition where one of the lower vertebrae slip on the bone before it and causes pain. In children, the condition is a result of a birth defect, and in adults, it is usually hereditary. Those who play sports are predisposed to spondylosis, which is a precursor to this condition.
Common symptoms include:
• Persistent lower back pain
• Stiffness in back and legs
• Lower back and thigh pain


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Choose The Right Solution For Your Needs

Of the five products we recommend for dealing with lower back pain, the three that made the cut were iRSE Electric Posture Corrector for sciatica, the Solid Back Stretcher for herniated discs, and the Soft Touch Back Stretcher, as these all provided users with satisfactory results and managed to address the appropriate conditions. Of these three, the Solid Back Stretcher is the most effective product simply because users reported to experience relief, in some cases extreme relief, after using it.


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