Back pain is something most people can relate to having. Not being able to lift things, not being able to sleep properly at night, suffering pain that affects our lives. These are some results of living with a bad back. For the majority of sufferers, it is a condition that never goes away entirely.

We always have to think about how to manage the pain and live our lives without affecting our back too much. Sitting still for too long can cause us problems. Moving around too much can do the same thing! So how do we go about our daily lives whilst trying to minimise the impact of back pain?

Painkillers are an obvious choice for minimising pain. There are a wide range of over the counter medications available, even herbal versions if you prefer. The problem with these can be unwanted side effects and remembering to take your medication on time. Sometimes the non-prescription versions are just not strong enough to take the edge of the pain and enable you to get on with life.

You can now buy a pain relief patch for back pain and there are some great options available online.

What Are Back Pain Patches?

A pain relief patch for back pain is a sticky square of plaster type material that contains an ingredient that helps to alleviate pain over a long period of time. The patches slowly release the painkiller into your body over as much as three days. Not all patches contain a painkiller, there are some heat patches for back pain that work by increasing blood supply to the area.

They are usually waterproof and sweatproof and can be placed anywhere on the body. People usually choose the upper arm for convenience if it is a generalised painkiller. If it is a topical painkiller, then it needs to be positioned where the pain is.

Your Doctor can prescribe a patch with a strong painkiller or you can purchase your own. Amazon carries a huge range of these patches so we reviewed five of the best.

What Features Should Back Pain Patches Have?

Tablets can be uncomfortable to swallow or taste horrible; this is something that you do not have to worry about with the pain patches.

If your doctor has prescribed you a pain patch, then you do not have any decisions to make. If however you are scouring the market, wondering which one is for you, what do you need to look for?

The correct choice of back pain patches for you depends on several factors such as how long you have been suffering from the pain, how bad the pain is, what is causing the pain and where you are hurt.

Tiger balm has been around for centuries and so it is no surprise that there are tiger balm patches. It was originally made in China and now tiger balm is popular all around the world and for a very good reason. It works!

Tiger Balm Patches employs what is known as hydrogel. This is a gel that is capable of holding large amounts of water. The moisture is held within the patch and is not messy. This gel helps to keep the active ingredients close to the skin and ensure that they are absorbed. It does not leak or stain clothing.

The patch is flexible so it will move with you and adjust to the contours of your back. They can also be used in other areas such as the thighs or shoulders.

The tiger balm patches are a variety of herbal heat patches. They contain capsicum, menthol and camphor, which is what gives the balm its unique scent. The patches feel pleasantly warm and the effects are very long lasting. The active ingredients stimulate blood circulation. This action helps to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Users report that the area of application almost becomes numb, which can be very welcome if the nerves in the area have been working overtime. It is easy to forget that you are wearing the patch and just get one with what you want to do.

Some people love the fact that the patches do not get red hot and work in a pleasant warming way whereas others enjoy the red-hot feeling of a heat compress for painful backs.

There have been some issues with skin irritability. The patch holds the herbal ingredients to your skin so if you have any type of sensitivity issue, this will be magnified. It would be wise to perform a skin test first with a small amount of tiger balm is you have demonstrated skin sensitivity in the past.

The patches are very long lasting, up to 24 hours in some cases and cover a large area making these very popular and effective herbal heat patches.

This is a favourite with Amazon users. These herbal heat patches are specifically designed for minor aches and pains. They are not powerful enough to deal with deep down muscular aches or pains. If you are suffering from a strain, bruise, sprain or arthritis then they are ideal.

Similar to the tiger balm patches the active ingredients are menthol and camphor. They do not contain capsicum so could be a good choice for someone that found the tiger balm patches irritating, if it was due to this ingredient.

As with other heat patches, this patch should not be applied if the skin is damaged. This could increase the risk of an allergic reaction or skin irritation. If you have an allergy to paracetamol or to salicylates, you should talk to your doctor before you use these patches.

The patches stick pretty well to the skin except in areas around joints. Many consumers complain that these patches are not as good as the old version and do not stick as well. The reason for this could be that this newer version is slightly stiffer and so does not conform to the skin as well.

This new version of the patch also has a higher percentage of natural ingredients, which has increased the number of criticisms regarding skin irritation. Perhaps it would be a good idea to offer this pain relief patch for back pain in two different strengths to suit everyone.

This pain relief patch for back pain gives the user a deep penetrating heat that can quickly soothe aches and pains. The effect can last up to 8 hours according to the manufacturer but users have reported that it can last for much longer and can really help you to get a good night’s sleep.

This patch does not have a hydrogel interior, which means that it can be cut into smaller pieces to use on other areas of the body such as the hands where a much smaller patch is needed.

The patch is beneficial for those who have nerve pain or sciatica that travels down the legs. This pain can prevent people from sleeping well which in turn affects your quality of life. With using these patches, there have been accounts of a good night’s sleep for the first time in years.

These Bengay heat patches for back pain are very effective and represent a substantial saving in the cost of alternative pain medication.

These are different types of heat patches for back pain. This is a heat compress for painful backs. This means that it contains no active ingredients or substances at all. It relies purely on the soothing power of either ice or heat.

It is completely reusable so it can be used time and time again. It can either be stored in the freezer, which enables you to ice your injury. You can also place it in the microwave so that the gel packs then act as a heat compress for painful back injuries.

This pack is much more convenient than a hot water bottle and there is no danger of it leaking the hot contents onto your skin.

TheraPAQ boasts that this is the only hot and cold pack that has a wide and long enough strap so that you can use it around your waist or on any other body part such as across the shoulders.

To use as a heat compress for painful backs, you need to immerse the pack in hot water for 10 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds.

Users love the fact that the strap is good enough to secure the pack to your painful area whilst you are going about other tasks. Some report that the pack is a little too heavy to use on shoulders whilst walking around but is fine if you are lying down or seated.

The great thing about this patch is that there are no ingredients so no strange herbal smells or allergic reactions.

Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch

This patch contains the active ingredient lidocaine. Doctors use this ingredient as a local anaesthetic to numb nerves. This is exactly how this pain patch works.

It provides powerful relief of muscle aches, arthritis and cramps. It is fast acting. You can feel the difference almost immediately and this stops pain in its tracks are some of the thoughts of users.

This patch is mainly free of any herbal smells or strong camphor odour that some people find off-putting. This patch is not waterproof, even in the shower, it will come off which can be a problem for some.

The Best 3 Back Pain Patches Overall

The tiger balm pain-relieving patch has to be a winner. There is a reason why tiger balm has been so popular for so long and now it comes in a convenient, less messy patch, it is even better.

For anyone with sensitive skin or just someone who does not like herbal scents, then the TheraPAQ has to be the back pain patch of choice.

The Bengay ultra pain relief patch is great for applying to smaller areas as you can cut it to fit.

There is a pain relief patch out there to suit all different forms of back pain. They might be just the thing you are looking for.



Written by Matt (Back Pain Sufferer)