5 Best Back Stretchers on Amazon

Chronic back pain can make living, much less working,miserable. On top of limited mobility, acute pain can drastically reduce your quality of life by limiting activity level. However, those suffering from back pain do not have to be condemned to debilitating discomfort.

In addition to the number of other exercises and remedies for back pain, those suffering from back pain can use a back stretcher. Back stretchers can alleviate some of the stress and pressure that occurs along the spine due to a number of conditions. Back stretchers can be found at most sporting goods stores and online at Amazon and a number of places.

To learn more about back stretchers, what they are, how they work and how they can help you, keep reading below.

What Are Back Stretchers?

Back stretchers are a non-invasive, drug-free way to alleviate back pain without spending a lot of money. Back stretchers come in two varieties: a simple lumbar stretcher made of wood or plastic or an elaborate chair or machine. The device contours to the shape of the spine and realigns the vertebrae, relieving compression on the nerves and disc. Back stretchers can address a variety of issues including ones that are related to an injury, chronic posture related pain, or degenerative conditions.

How Do They Work?

Back stretchers work by relaxing the muscles and vertically elongating the vertebrae, creating space along the spine. This, in turn, promotes muscle relaxation along the spine. Ultimately, the back stretcher counteracts gravity (responsible for pulling the spin down with age) and relieves compression in your spinal discs, and when compression is reduced on the sciatic nerve, it helps speed up the rehabilitative process.

Back stretchers have a variety of uses and benefits. Those who would greatly benefit from this device include those who suffer from sciatica, bulging discs, pinched nerves, lower back arthritis, degenerative disc disease, back muscle strain, and scoliosis. In terms of direct benefits to the user, back stretchers:

  • Are anatomically shaped to fit along the spine.
  • Are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Can be used quickly twice a day to achieve optimal results.
  • Helps with back alignment.
  • Relieves stress, loosens muscles, and thereby, increases flexibility in the back.
  • Corrects posture related to sitting too long or slouching.
  • Prevents back stiffness if used before sleep.
  • Increases mobility.
  • Are a low-cost alternative to going to the chiropractor.
  • With the exception of the more expensive machines, can be transported easily.

Because of the numerous benefits of back stretchers, this can be a great alternative for those who suffer from chronic or severe back pain. A variety of back stretchers exist on the market from the simple to the more elaborate, but Amazon features some of the more popular ones.

5 Best Back Stretchers on Amazon


GPFDM Lower Back Massager with Heated Therapy,Lumbar Back Stretcher

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GPFDM Lower Back Massager with Heated Therapy,Lumbar Back Stretcher

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GPFDM Lower Back Massager with Heated Therapy

Chisoft Lumbar Stretching Device (Chisoft)

This product has two main uses. It is designed for both preventative and therapeutic care for both the lower back and posture. If used daily, this product can improve flexibility in the back region. This product is an arched back stretcher that can allow the user to conform to three angles. The product is advertised to be easy to assemble, easy to store and very durable. One site describes the product as an affordable model to some of the professional grade models available.

Chisoft Lumbar Stretching Device

Amazon purchasers really liked this product. Many of the remarks relate to the product being effective on a number of back-related issues, such as sciatica, problems in the lumbar region, bulging disc problems, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs. Other remarks related to how the product was effective in alleviating most minor issues as well. Some remarked on how they could also use this device as a part of a workout program that stretched out their back muscles and increased flexibility.

Other positive comments relate to the ability of users to benefit from the adjustable angle feature and the ability for users to get relief relatively quickly. Even with the positive comments, there were a few technical issues that make using this product difficult. The acupressure nodes are reported to be a little uncomfortable, andsome of the components break unexpectedly.

Chisoft Lumbar Back Stretcher

Comfort Fit Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device with Acupressure (Comfort Fit)

 This product is advertised as one that helps users stretch their backs, improve posture, and enhance flexibility. It is also can be used as preventative care or as a part of workout routine. The device has three settings that aid in fully stretching the lower back and relieving pain. The product is easy to store and transport, as it can easily fit in luggage.

Comfort Fit Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device with Acupressure

Amazon reviewers liked this product, for the most part, but a few commented on the need for users to be careful when getting on and off the device. Again, this product is one that helped reviewers alleviate pain associated with a number of issues, namely fused discs and degenerative spinal disease, among other conditions. Many of the reviewers commented they experienced relief quickly but with daily use. One of the more positive comments related to the adjustable angle feature, which provided the user with immediate relief.

Other positive comments related to this product include being able to attach the product to chairs for support in the lumbar region, and it reaches acupressure points. It is easy to assemble store. A not-so-great feature is that the acupressure nodes can be uncomfortable.

Comfort Fit Back Stretcher with Soothing Acupressure

Back Stretcher, Lumbar Stretching Device and Posture Corrector (Bodyease)

This back stretcher can address back pain by providing users with relief from muscle spasms, pinched nerves, herniated discs, degenerative disease and sciatica relief.Some of the daily activities that stress the back can be addressed with this product, activities that include extended use of the computer, sitting all day in the same position, or physical activities that create problems along the spinal column. This product also has three adjustable settings.

Back Stretcher, Lumbar Stretching Device and Posture Corrector

Amazon reviewers, for the most part, liked this product. Most of them remarked it provided them relief from chronic back pain. A couple of the reviewers remarked that their professions involved them placing stress on the back (whether it was housekeeping or sitting all day at a desk), and the device was helpful in elongating the spinal column and relaxing the back. Others commented on the product’s structure with one person remarking that it was sturdy enough for people of most sizes, and it provides more cushion than other plastic models (contains memory foam). Another positive comment stated that the product was especially good for herniated discs.

The only unattractive features are that product does not strap into all chair types and the back support is not consistent, the nodes on the device are uncomfortable, and one person found it difficult to assemble.

Back Stretcher - Lower and Upper Back Pain Relief, Lumbar Stretching Device

JB4866 Arched Back Stretcher (North American Health and Wellness)

This product is a simple back stretcher that relieves pressure, aches and pains and provides the user with support. This product is a more affordable alternative to some of the other products. It has similar features (adjustability), but it does not contain the nodes that make some back stretchers uncomfortable to use.

North American Healthcare JB4866 Arched Back Stretcher

Amazon reviewers who comprised most of the commenters were impressed with the product’s comfort and effectiveness. One customer’s wife (an occupational therapist) referred this product to her husband, and he stated the product could be used in the car and was easily transported. Another customer was referred to this product by a myoskeletal (muscle-skeleton) therapist and found the product to be effective as well. Another commenter remarked that it was one of the best-made back stretchers of its type on the market.

The only negative feature is that the arch angle is not deep enough and that it might be difficult to find an ideal position.

JB4866 Arched Back Stretcher

The Best Of The Best

When reviewing these products, most of the comments focused on a few basic features. One of the major features reviewers discussed was its effectiveness in alleviating back problems. Another favourable feature was related to the product’s comfort and its adjustability. The better products were able to provide users with all three, and for this reason, the Chisoft, the Bodyease, and the North American Health and Wellness, with the latter product providing users with the best experience, were the best of the best in back stretchers.



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