While back pain is a common issue, the root causes of it vary. However, much of this type of injury is associated with muscle injury, injuries that occur after repetitive motion or from heavy lifting.If left untreated, this pain develops into serious back problems.

People who suffer from back pain can perform stretches to loosen the muscles in the neck and back region. However, if the problem becomes chronic, then you might consider wearing a support belt to alleviate the pressure on your back. Amazon offers those who need back support a diverse array of belts that provide back support.

Continue reading below to learn more about back pain support belts, how they can help you with pain relief and what the best choices are depending on your situation.

Back Pain Support Belts – A Brief Definition

Back pain support belts, also back supports or abdominal belts were typically used in therapy to rehabilitate patients. In recent incarnations, the industrial belt has replaced traditional belts. The most common types of belts are the elastic, lightweight compression belts that are worn around the waist and sometimes held in place by suspenders

Two types of back support belts are available—custom-fit and flexible-fit. Custom-fit belts usually are provided to those who have had back surgery or adolescent scoliosis, and these supports are made to contour the body. Flexible-fit, or neoprene belts, are found in pharmacies or sporting goods stores and are used most widely in the workplace.



Most people who suffer from lower back pain use these belts to help support the spine by increasing forces on intra-abdominal pressure to counter forces against the spine and by stiffening the spine and restricting motion. Outside of correcting deformities, support belts also stabilise the back providing support and easing pain.

These belts focus on two major types of lower back pain. The sacroiliac joints are on both sides of the base of the spine, or the sacrum. When the ligaments become worn or injured, it causes the SI joints to move around, which then causes pelvis and lower back pain. An SI belt supports the hips to prevent the SI joints from moving around.

The lumbosacral belts relieve pressure on your lower back by placing pressure on your abdominals. By providing stabilisation on the spine in the lumbar region, this belt promotes back pain relief in the lower back region. These belts can be found in an array of sizes for different lower back conditions.


Amazon’s Top 5 Back Support Belts


Sciatica Brace/SI Belt for Men/Women (Roxofit)

This product is a hip stabiliser and groin brace that provides relief for sciatica nerve pain and SI joint pain relief. This hip brace can also speed up healing leg muscle injury that causes pain in the groin. This translates into the wearer regaining full mobility by decreasing tension in the muscles.

Amazon reviewers, for the most part, found the brace comfortable. Many stated it stabilised much of the area around their hip and thigh. Most of those who reviewed the product were injured through some form of sports activity, but those who had sciatica found the belt targeted areas while making mobility easier. Most of the comments were positive with only one reviewer taking issue with the fact that the belt did not fit curvier shapes comfortably.

Groin Support – Hip Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief, Thigh, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Hip Arthritis.

Other benefits of this product include the adjustable straps for ease of wear, and that this belt is appropriate for all activity levels. The belt fits people up to 45 inches in the waist and is reported to fit all sizes. More of the comments, however, focus on its excellent hip and leg support.

GSciatica Brace SI Belt for MenWomen Roxofit

Sacroiliac Belt for SI Joint Pain (Sportuli)

This product is great for those who suffer from SI joint pain because the belt targets the areas that need support—sacrum, lower back, and pelvis. This belt can easily be worn at any time of the day or night and can fit comfortably under clothing. The belt is associated with sciatica relief.

Amazon customers who reviewed this product reported they experienced quick pain relief within days of wearing the belt. Most of the reviews, though,focused on the product’s comfort and ease of wear, as both men and women stated its adjustable straps allow for a more snug fit. Other comments mention the belt provides a lot of support and can be used for a number of activities.

Unisex Sacroiliac Belt Lower Back Joint Hip Sciatica Pain Relief Compression & Stability SI

Most customers were satisfied with the results, as there were no negative comments. Other advantages to purchasing this belt are that it is latex-free and is wider than most on the market, which lends itself to more stability in providing support.

Sacroiliac Belt for SI Joint Pain Sportuli

Lumbar Back Support Belt For Men and Women (Koksport)

This product focuses on providing lumbar support while protecting the spine (L4, L5 and S1) in the lumbar vertebrae. The belt’s nylon bars support the psoas muscles in the waist while relieving soreness. The belt is designed to allow the wearer natural mobility while promoting back support. This product focuses on alleviating pain associated with lumbar muscle strain, lumbar herniated disc, and lumbar spondylolisthesis.

Amazon reviewers who purchased the product stated that it is a great product for those who do heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. The back brace and waist support is heavy duty but allows for movement. The belt easily adjusts for most sizes and many report that it does not give or slip with movement. Furthermore, the material is comfortable and soft, which makes it easier to move in.

King of Kings Lower Back Brace Pain Relief with Pulley System - Lumbar Support Belt for Women and Men

Other advantages of the belt are that it is detachable, washable and sturdy. People who work as gardeners, office worker, manual labourers, bus drivers or chauffeurs would benefit from this product. While those who engage in heavy weight lifting might not benefit from the belt, it could be worn for moderate exercise.

Lumbar Back Support Belt For Men and Women Koksport

Sacroiliac SI Joint Belt (Armstrong Amerika)

This product reduces the stress on the spine and hips that is caused by pelvic instability. As a result of decreasing the amount of stress in these areas, the amount of inflammation in these areas is also reduced and wearers experience more mobility. While it works for sciatica, the product also relieves pain associated with joint pain and herniated discs.

The reviews on this product are mixed as all reported the product worked, but a few found that the belt either folded or rolled down, even though most found the belt to be comfortable. Some of the reviewers focused on the fact that the belt helped stabilise their hips and back. However, the belt probably works best for SI joint pain issues.

SI Belt Hip Brace - Sacroiliac SI Joint & Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief. Lower Back Brace for Back Support

Other benefits of this product are that some say it promotes better posture due to the support it gives. Again, this belt allows the wearer to function in most lightweight activities and can be worn by people of most sizes.  More importantly, it can be easily washed and dried.

Sacroiliac SI Joint Belt Armstrong Amerika


Stabilising Lower Lumbar Belt Back Brace for Women and Men (Hurmes)

This disc focuses on back pain associated with sciatica, herniated disc, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, hip pain, and post-surgery issues. The product supports the back keeping it straight by promoting the alignment of core muscles. The wearer experiences a full range of motion.

Many of the Amazon reviewers reported that the product is a quality one for the price point. It helps support posture while tightening up the mid-section for back support. Furthermore, the product fits comfortably under clothing, but at the same time, is sturdy.

HURMES Stabilizing Lower Lumbar Support Belt Back Brace for Women&Men

Other benefits of this product are that it is easily adjustable and can support the alignment of core muscles. This product can also be worn during most activities and while travelling.

Stabilising Lower Lumbar Belt Back Brace for Women and Men Hurmes

Bonus Belt

HailiCare Heat Therapy, Physio 2 in 1 Back Brace Lumbar Support (HailiCare)

This product is great back pain aid for those who suffer from lumbar back pain, sciatica nerve pain and arthritis. The product reduces the stress around the lumbar fibrous ring by combining compression therapy with heating therapy. The product relieves chronic back pain by targeting sore muscles and arthritis.

Amazon reviewers were mostly happy with the product finding its function was great, but taking issue with its maintenance. Many report the product works best for people who sit for a long time and for those withactive occupations. Most of the negative comments come from people who reported the product caused them to sweat or those who stated there was no way to properly clean the product because it could not be submerged in water.

HailiCare Heat Therapy, Physio Decompression 2 in 1 Back Brace - Lower Back Pain Relief Lumbar Support at Home Back Belt

Other benefits of this product are that it can be used in a number of places, as it can be plugged into to your phone charger or a USB outlet making it portable. The material (Velcro) is strong and sturdy. In addition to the product actually relieving pain, the company guarantees purchasers a lifetime warranty.

HHailiCare Heat Therapy, Physio 2 in 1 Back Brace Lumbar Support

The Best Of The Best

Of the six belts featured, the Roxofit, Koksport and Hurmes belt seem to offer the user more in terms of targeting and stabilising the affected problems whether these weaknesses were related to sciatica or lumbar problems. All three belts could be worn under clothes comfortably. Most importantly, many of the reviewers reported the products alleviated pain, which is the ultimate goal in back pain relief.


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